Meet Vivi

Hi,  I’m Vivi, Certified Fulfilment and Peacefulness coach.  I have been honouring my nick name that in Spanish means living a couple of years ago.  I have been into reading self help books since I was around 13, had all the theory yet struggled to take it to practice, only until I decided I really in my heart I needed a shift. Since then I am dedicated to fall in love with my life every day, and if I have a difficult day, I know I have the choice to make it different.  Passion for helping other has always been on my list, giving my ear, my shoulder to cry, my brain and even my tears, was not sure how I was going to do it.

We’ve Got You Covered

I wasn’t ready for so long, kept repeating cycles, procrastinating and complaining, I had a big black cloud following me everywhere. Even when I decided to move countries and leave everything I built up the cloud came with me.  Well, I was not ready to let her go, I needed to find the right help to reach where I am today, I will not say it was easy, it was worth every second, every tear, everything, EVERYTHING.

I believe that changing and evolving is part of every human being and sometimes we need some help to be able to get past our limiting beliefs. I understand the feeling and I know that if you are here, you might have fought some fears like I did.  
I can tell you that if you are ready to jump on board, give your all and let go of whatever is stopping you from living the life you choose, you are in the right place, and you will not regret it.


To inspire, impact and support my clients to find a fulfilled life that reflects their values and lead to more connected, meaningful and uplifted journeys.


To guide my clients through their path with clarity, peace, focus, kindness and confidence.


Impact peoples life, touching their heart and bringing more peace into their lives.


Trust * Kindness * Service * Respect * Joy