Bringing Creativity Back! Yeah!


This morning I was on my usual morning walk and came up with a new meditation from the Chopra center. In this meditation he was talking about how many people don’t have fun and let their inner child out to be creative.

When you are certain age is badly seen to have fun, to draw and be creative, how can you have fun if you have to be working all day, or taking care of your kids?

I remember the look on my mom and dad’s face when I left the accounting university and said your know I will go to Brother Creativity school, I was completely insane for them. A year of just creating, doing collages to songs and worst part sitting on the floor for hours and hours every night. This was 9 years ago and still I remember it as one of the best years of my life. There were a lot of rejections but I felt I had a space to be my goofy me.

Having moments of waking up in the middle of the night with ideas, crazy or not were ideas, I felt I was bringing “sexy” back. I find that at least in my case this has been my love, writing, creating for others, HAVING FUN!

You might be thinking what does Chopra and meditation has to do with being creative and have fun? Well, meditation connects you with yourself allows you to stop and listen. Today I decided to try and listen every day to my inner creative, and set aside a time to have fun!

I must say I love synchronicity as this already started yesterday when I said to my husband after dinner.. do you want to dance and he said YES! Less than 3 minutes of laughing and trying to dance together with our belly filled us with energy and love. Then today I found this meditation, oh I love the signs of the universe!!

I leave you with this link if you want to go through this meditation .  If you don’t feel like meditating you can put a song and set free your imagination… What can make you if you draw, dance or sing for 5 minutes, nothing negative will come out of it. Feel a kid for a minute  sorry for 2.06 min!

If you liked this blog just share it with your friends! If I can help one person today from this amazing view my heart will sing with happiness!

Wish you an amazing day!