If you have a clear objective, that objective will find you!

Last year I was very confused,imagine deciding to leave your country (your house), your family,your job,your stability to move to Pisa, Italy to go back to study for a year. Imagine all this change happening not only to yourself, but also to your partner. Two people completely out of their comfort being questioned by the mostly everybody.

Back in Uruguay we thought we had everything a huge, beautiful house which we did to our taste, a job that was 50 mts away from us, lots of loving friends starting their families and our families really near. Still with all of this we were disconnected to ourselves.

I was successful, but every time I had an objective something new popped up and just decided it was not my moment. All of this was before “Create the life you love” found me, an amazing program that helped me focus on myself. Because if you are not feeling good with yourself how can you make people want to be around you and help you with your dream.

My first fulfilled objective is happening now when I am writing this… we are living in one of the most amazing and beautiful places in the world, Lake Como. We could have decided to go back home,but no when I was visualizing and actually drawing my future, I pictured myself with my husband in a place where mountains and water linked, never knew where and that was one of the things that annoyed me most. When speaking to my coach, Andre, I manifested this, he said if you want to live by the mountains start going to the mountains (by the way never realized I was already living in the mountains Pisa has them too!!). This is how we just went on airbnb and searched what we would love to see in the mornings and went to Colico in the Lake for a week and then synchronicity started working in our favor, after booking the trip I had an interview for a job in Lake Como. Met an amazing person who now I can call a dear friend and sort of responsible for introducing me my dream place the same I had designed yes yes just as you read! It had everything the amazing view of the lake the mountains in the back, even the small pier where my husband can fish and last but not least a small waterfall.

If you want to learn more about how to make your dream be a reality and you are interested in more tips leave me your comments below or just schedule with me for a free call.

Life is amazing and if you are here it is because you are a step closer to help your objective find you.