Life is Wonderful! Be present and enjoy


One year ago I was starting what for me was a great shift in my life. I came up with this amazing message around the 29th August that said “Ignite the life of your dreams!, 5 day abundance thinking challenge” … I thought I was abundant and determined to get what I wanted and there I was “crying and procrastinating” over my third rejection of what I thought it was to get my “dream” job in Lego.  So I wouldn’t have anything to lose in enrolling, and actually it was the best decision I could have ever taken.

This amazing man Andre Hartwich has guided me into incredible things and today I am really happy I could put together out interview about meditation with him for our newsletter, internet didn’t make things easier this time still he has so much valuable information I know we will have him again in the near future.

I have a question for you if you had infront of you a person that could be life changer for you what would you ask?  Have conversations that inspire, you never know who you can be meeting. Stay present and stay grateful!! Please share do you have anyone you would like to meet?

Start by doing something different today! Start by smiling and saying good morning/afternoon/ to a stranger or paying for somebody’s coffee.

Make an impact on someone you love just by being fully present and listen.

Wish you an amazing day!!

PS: if you are interested HERE a link to his free mini course.