Motivational Monday Planning can be fun and games

During the year I have seen how people struggle with planning, finding affirmations visualizing which I love to see it as taking the lead of your life and CREATE it how you want it.

Over the past months I have been having fun doing it for other people and have left myself a side a little bit. The moment I found last year picture of my last three months of the year and how everything in it happened I knew I had to set my mind to that kind of moment again.

Right now my picture is less than 3 months to my baby being born, I have been so enjoying every moment. Still people say 3 month run and the baby is here.. so I decided to get into it and start my next 6 month planning! (baby steps 3 months first)

Here are some of my tips to enjoy this moment and flow with it to create it, live it and actually make it happen.

1-     Getting ready : White paper (someone once told me lines can stop our imagination!), beautiful post its, agenda, travel journal, stickers, cards and colors. You can also use magazines if you like to make it more visual.

2-     Inspirational music : Music makes me happy, not only I can’t live without it, I know I will remember this moment when I was drawing my plan to Jason Mraz “Living in the moment” I know it is a bit of an old song now but I love it. It was a great way to start!!


So I just let go of what I know I don’t know
And I know I only do this by
Living in the moment
Living my life
Easy and breezy
With peace in my mind
With peace in my heart
Peace in my soul
Wherever I’m going, I’m already home

Jason Mraz


3-     Start from what you know:  when you get your calendar for the next month in my case there are things you already know like:

a.      Birthdays of your family & friends

b.    Possible traveling already booked

c.      Doctors, dentist appointments

d.    If you have kids: all their appointments too!

e.    Yoga classes you will not miss (or other activities like Gym classes)

f.      Days off

g.      Due dates : payments / launching your web

h.    If you are starting this after the holidays here in Europe: Christmas shopping dates!!

i.        Sales dates!

4-    Setting your Goals of the month and giving it a date!

a.      Get a checklist of steps to reach this goal make it challenging and fun!

b.    Let’s say the goal is to feel calm and relaxed check list will be

                                                           i.    Morning walk

                                                           ii.    Meditation

                                                           iii.    How am I sleeping – relaxation?

                                                           iv.    Movement (Yoga – Dancing )

                                                            v.    How am I eating?


5-     Create space for what matters the most : I know you would like to do it all but sometimes it is necessary to stablish priorities. Get clear on what matters the most for you before filling up your plan! Don’t feel bad if you need to say no to an event if that means saying yes to yourself! If you are not going to be fully there it is better to just say no with enough time.

6-     Delegating : Is there anything in this list someone can do for you? Can you swap with someone? Start by asking for help you will be surprised!!

7-     Scheduling : Once you have all set remember what is not scheduled doesn’t exist!! This can also apply to social media! Make your time sacred in the following months you will feel the difference.

8-    Have fun & enjoy!!!  


I love doing my planning in my agenda/journal, but it inspires me to have this time line full of color and drawings. Putting my soul to it reminds me every day of just taking action with a huge smile and living every moment.

You will find the way that adapts better to you but if you feel a bit lost and need to talk just take the opportunity and book your 

Free session with me to see how I can help you!!!

It is your life, it is UNIQUE, just live it and enjoy every moment.


Guiding you to find your voice


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