Motivational Monday: Reviewing your day

How many of you stop before going to sleep to connect with yourselves and actually go through your day?

I must say I was not doing that one year ago, WHAAT go back to the whole day and see what I did and how I reacted to things No WAY!

Must say that the first time I tried introspection I had such a resistance to it. Still I go through that first time today and I can see how I put my feeling into boxes. If there was anything I didn’t like of the day or of my actions I should review and substitute. Its stands moments of Negativity (negative talk, complain, procrastinate) to be changed by Positivity, Stress to be substituted by Patience, Anger (crying) to be changed with Confidence.

I was reviewing my day and actually being aware of what was happening inside me, a little self talk every night that brings me to where I am now, 6 months pregnant feeling calm and joy every day, enjoying this first pregnancy in connection to my feeling and my baby. Of course I can have moments where I cry, I’m human, (I live far away from my family), still I am being aware of what is that is making me feel this way and can make the choice to move through this feeling with ease.

If you are having a heavy week or month or year why not taking a few moments with yourself to go through you day, be kind and don’t judge, judgement makes someone wrong and there is no right or wrong it is your life and you can choose to listen and make a change.

So this is a little tip for you:

1-    Buy a simple notebook and print a quote that makes you smile, stick it on the cover. I gift you this one!

2-    Go through the day at the end of the night, reviewing how you feel and try being sincere to yourself, did I like how I acted here? No one is going to judge you it is your blank page and you.

3-    Try to connect to that feelings you didn’t like and close your eyes, which feelings would you prefer to feel or what would make this situation to be improved for you.

Hope this helps you and if you liked it share the love.

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Remember your life is UNIQUE and it is worth living it from the first row!


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