New Beginnings …


Its been already a month since we welcomed baby Nahuel to our family. Becoming parents away from our family has been a challenge, it has also made me grow in a way I didn’t picture.  I feel I will still grow with him.

Watching my baby sleep right now is my inspiration to be writing this blog. I am so fortunate and blessed to have been able to carry him during 9 months and now to have him with us.  

3 year ago a doctor told me having a baby was not going to be a possibility and that really hurt. I know I was not living in a healthy way and taking the best choices (too much stress and anxiety), from there on I was determined to heal myself and become a mom and it was possible.

A new beginning is possible for everyone, it is just a matter of taking the decision to stop what you are doing and start listening to what you need, start taking care of yourself. 

Being a mom and not having your family around to help makes it a biggest challenge … still I take my time to nourish myself, eat my healthy breakfast, do my walk and meditation to have the energy for the day.

I set an intention for my week and try to connect with how I want to feel. I am human and there are days I dont do it THEN… I feel the consequences oh yeah!! 

This monday I ask you… 

What healthy choices are you taking?

Have you considered doing something different every day? (last night I changed side of the bed…!) 

 Can you change it is imposible to there might be a possibility?

If you like this blog… (I promise there will be more and better) … please share it and spread love with it! 

Wishing you an amazing day!!

PS : if you feel stuck, complaining and need help I will share all my tips with you and guide you into a better life so get your free call with me here . 

My goal is to impact one life a day… hope it can be yours.