New year! What have I been up to!

Hey everyone! 

Can you believe the first month of the year is already over!! OMG! it is amazing how time goes.

I have been meaning to write for so long and many things happened with the holidays coming and our first family trip to introduce Nahuel … there is no excuse just life happened and I didn’t sit down before! 

I am blessed to be working from where ever I am, I must say..  so now from Uruguay I keep doing it while enjoying of a beautiful summer weather and the company of family and  friends! It is very rewarding to see the smile on my clients faces or hear them say “I was really needing or call!!”

The start of the year was different it was our first holiday as a family of 3, just us nobody else. We decided to stay for our first Christmas in Lezzeno it was nice, a bit nostalgic to be honest we missed the fireworks and the family, still a great opportunity to talk and start new traditions.   My hubby said next holidays we will be all together in the Caribbean, and I love his idea!  We wrote our dreams for the year to come, aligning both of us on what we want for our future.

I must tell it worked perfectly because only 10 days after the year started I was a step closer to fulfilling one of my goals, become an accredited coach, got enrolled and already on the way!! Sooo… Watch out world!!

I have been meeting amazing people and thinking of all the incredible things that will take place on 2018. Enthusiasm is what I feel and I really hope I can make an impact on other peoples life !!! 

Nahuel is growing beautifully and we are excited to see him smile and laugh with the family every day! It has been challenging with all the visits and stuff still he has been amazing on the 14 hour trip nobody realised he was there and he slept almost 9 hours! 

This is a tiny recap of what I have been doing!

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