Sunshine Blogging Award


Some days ago I got an email from simplyapostolia nominating me to a Sunshine Blogging Award together with other 11 blogs. Receiving an award when I have started blogging on this January is amazing!! Thanks for that, so grateful to be able to share value to the world and this is a great experience, as I actually need to think about 11 people to nominate for this award too, it is a full circle activity. Being read and recognized and sharing value from others! So exciting but nothing easy at least for me!

Before I begin answering simplyapostolia questions, I want to introduce her she is a 22 years old blogger from Greece with a unique name Apostolia who started sharing to the world because she wanted to create a space to be creative, share with the people everything that helped me to survive adulthood, some tips and tricks, and my point of view of this lovely world. For me it is a great reason why to start.

My answers to these lovely lady questions are:

1.  What is your favorite song right now? I really love music so just picking one song would be strange for me, being pregnant with my first baby I am exploring everything right now. We like a couple of songs like : Cant stop the feeling from Justin Timberlake  (mauri is not following on this), We are here from Alicia Keys, Living in the moment and every song on the LOVE cd from Jason Mraz also must say my baby enjoys music my mom back in Uruguay  loves from piano master “Gianni” In the mirror CD


2.   When did you actually decide that you’re going to be a Blogger? I didn’t decide I was going to be a blogger, I decided to be a giver sharing value to the world from my amazing window in Lezzeno, Italy to help others.  Why? Because my life shifted 360 degrees after meeting amazing people and friends in Italy that helped me take action to follow my dreams and I know it fills me with joy to help others.


3.  If you could give any piece of advice to other bloggers, what would it be?  Go for it! If it is meant to be for you do it. Enjoy and live life to the fullest. Most important thing “start when you are not read!” and don’t over judge you, you are expressing something that can create an impact to someone’s life and if you touch at least one heart that is more than enough


4.  If you could live anywhere in the world (apart from where you live now), where would it be? Right now I am in the right place to be! Will keep my options open to actually think about another place.


5.  What’s the very first thing you do every morning? My morning ritual is super important to me I jump off bed get dressed and go for a walk to an amazing spot in the lake where I meditate. Once I arrive home I have breakfast and I start working from my amazing terrace!


6.  What’s your favorite Social Media and why? I just would say Facebook right now! As I am not using many platforms now!


7.  How and where would it be your dream vacation? I think you don’t need a vacation when there is nothing to escape from like the song says! Obviously I love travelling to places where beautiful beaches or lakes are. If I think where I would love to go in the beginning of next year… I must say back where my family and friends are: Uruguay.

8.  What is your favorite Holiday and why?  Good question! Not really have an answer for this one! Sorry!

 9.   What is your favorite season-month and why? I love summer!! I love nice weather, being able to swim and be in the water all day!! Depending where I am the months change!


10.When did you feel most proud in your life? I am super proud of myself and it is a great reminder to me to be proud every day of taking the best decisions for me and my family!


11. What is your favorite quote that you try to live by every day? Let the world know why you are here and do it with passion


I was super excited finished answering the questions and I got overwhelmed on writting a Blog post for my blog noo that goes against my Manifesto.  To be completely honest right now I don’t read 11 blogs, I have people that inspire me I receive their newsletters and sometimes not every time read like: Marie Forleo , Doula Darcy , Jessica Nazarali and Carrie Green .  

 So if I think of amazing people putting content to the world not only on newsletters or blogs this comes to mind to me:

 1-   Maddy Gray:

2-  Andre Hartwich:

3-  Anita Morrow:

4-  Stephanie La torre:

5-  Veronika Nemeth:

6-  Liene Uresina:

Of course there is people I forget but they will understand.. 

What questions will I do to this people or have I done to them: 

What is your story?

What is your big why behind what you are doing?

Tell me one thing you are amazing at?

Do you work on your passions?

What makes you uncomfortable?

I am fully myself when?


I know I should keep working on this and it gave me a great idea for another blog post! Whenever it has to come it will be! 

Again I am super thankful with all the people that asked me to check their blogs and nominate them but it would not be me to actually nominate something I didn’t read or paid attention to! So sorry if I break the rules… but I was not feeling it so it ended up this way!

 Wish you liked this blog post and remember to book your free call with me before the 3rd august!