Visiting Snowdonia Dru Meditation Center

Last week I was in Wales in DRU meditation center for a volunteering week that surprised me in many ways.


Starting by the place which I would define as wise and ancient as it is more than 625 million years old and used to be near Africa before setting it roots in what we call Wales so I sense it must be a very energetic place (Snowdonia National Park).  Walking through the valley you can find beautiful waterfalls and an amazing sense of peace.  Supposedly it rains a lot and is mostly grey but my experience was of a sunny place which made it more interesting.


It was a surprise for me that I felt really uncomfortable in the beginning, but as the days went by I could understand why people join this family and even decide to live in this community.


They want to change people’s life; they take care of your health having amazing volunteers that cook vegetarian and vegan food with so much love. They provide you with yoga relaxation and meditation during the volunteering week.


They stand for service and peace.  I left this place Sunday from Manchester with an amazing person from Dru, next day I got the news that there was an attack in Manchester in a concert where kids and teenagers went, I felt really touched and just wanted to take action so I would love to share with you my favorite meditation from Maddy Gray the love & kindness meditation.


Send some love to world!!


Click the link below and get your loving kindness meditation

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