Waking up to white stillness


Waking up to all white beautiful stillness has been so so exciting, it is my first time living in a place where Christmas happens in Winter and with snow!

I find myself constantly singing “Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas” because this is the type of Christmas you see on tv since you are a little kid; still living in the sunny Uruguay my whole life this was just a dream. Christmas for us is sunny and sweating maybe at the beach, mostly sweating making an asado. Don’t get me wrong it is beautiful to be able to go to the beach but you don’t see pictures of Santa in bathing suit, they are still dressing like snow!

I can’t believe how full of energy I felt when I woke up to be living a dream from when I was a kid!

Imagine living the life of your dreams and waking up feeling full of life and joy, it is very possible.  I found the right person to guide me through the process and now I am just enjoying with joy no worries and full of love and energy.

How do you want your 2018 to be? Do you wish you could live fully and make your wishes come true?

For now here are some things would like to share with you.

Try doing something different today… change the way back home.

Change the music you listen to while working

Ask for help, advice and be thankful

Stop and appreciate your life.

Be conscious of your breath, try to release your tension by breathing through tough situations!

Take a deep breath and smile!

If you feel you are struggling and you can’t see positive in your life … just know I was there before and there is a way to live different trust me and it is way better. Start by smiling and being present with someone you love!

If you liked this post just share it … it is my goal to make an impact on one person a day… can you help me??

Wish you an amazing day!

Smiles & Hugs


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