What are you reflecting today?


Last week I decided to block my working time for an amazing friend. She decided to come all the way from Uruguay to visit me and baby Nahuel (still on the belly!! 1 month and days to go!) here at the Lake.

When we were at the train station saying our goodbyes my husband said a very true statement “you are so lucky to have such amazing friends that travel and decide to spend their time with you!” and yes he is super-duper correct!! Last year we received a lot of visitors and same has happened this year.

Friends are such an incredible gift we have in our life. For me is one of these important values for my life. She is the inspiration for today blog because life is about the experiences we have with people, the REAL relationships, real conversations and the incredible people we attract into our life. During this week I felt so much real love that I can’t express in words.

So today I want to ask you the following questions:

Are you fully present in the moment and enjoying your journey?

Are you aware of the small moments and details in your life?

Are you feeling alive inside?

Do you love every minute of your life?

If you are doubting on any of this questions or just feeling that complain and negativity surround you all the time, start by being aware of what you are talking about yourself.  Remember life is like a mirror and reflects back what you have inside.

If you are giving yourself excuses all the time for your procrastination, gossiping and judging. Again remember life is a reflection of what you have inside.

Life is such an amazing journey and it is your decision on how you want to be spending it! If you reflect love you will receive love! So what do you want to reflect today?

My thought for you today is STOP today for 5 minutes and be aware of what is happening in our life today. Who is surrounding you? It’s never too late to start doing things differently.

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Wish you an amazing day!

Love & smiles!