Why the Mornings are so important to me…

Why the morning is so important to me!

How many times we wake up and the first thing we watch is our cellphone, maybe we don’t even give a kiss to our partners or parents or kids. We get trapped by this “parallel” world that goes on in Facebook, Instagram, emails, whatsup or any social media. And unfortunately all of this pulls us apart from focusing on ourselves to focusing on the others.

It’s been a while now since I decided that the first hour of the day is fully dedicated to myself, which means no technology! No phone!! How do I feel? I must confess that in the beginning I felt a little bit of anxiety and a lot of “what if” came to my mind like what if something urgent happens. Don’t worry people will reach you if it is sooo important. Back to the how do I feel question, I must confess I feel AMAZINGLY. I was able to take an addiction away from me, to stop worrying and so I got interested in how I could give myself the best hour for myself.

To have an amazing day, I recommend you to have an amazing sleep, for which I use my journal and a relaxation (my baby loves it!).   My night journal is where I answer 3 questions:

1-  What am I grateful for today?

2-  What did I learn today? (you always learn something about yourself if you listen)

3-  What I look forward to? (normally I have my day planned and visualized, how I want to feel)

Why this? Because you want to wake up with an intention, wanting to have an amazing day not waking up just because you have to.

Morning, morning, not every morning has to be the same, I surely now understand more of this because being 4 month pregnant many things change.

Here some of the things I have been doing that really make a difference in how I feel my energy throughout the day and actually having an amazing day!

My best energetic days are when I get from bed just put shoes on a jacket and get outside, to have a short walk sometimes it was just 10 minutes and my husband didn’t even realize it. During this walks I start by power walking and focusing on my breath inhaling in 3 and exhaling in 3. (if it’s a short walk 2 min will be ok)

After this powerwalk that fills me with pure air, I will just do 3 affirmations and repeat those feeling them, only 3 as you don’t want make your brain collapse and get overwhelmed.

My last thing is to stop in nature and just freeze you will be surprised by the things that happen when you stop and be present.

Normally when I come back I take a bath, make a small meditation and then nourish myself with a great breakfast full of things I really like and enjoy.

You must be thinking but I never meditated, I can’t be still for 20 minutes. My answer to this is you don’t need to. I learnt that meditation can be as simple as sitting comfortable on a chair or having my back on the wall closing my eyes and just breathing from my nose slowly during 5 minutes.

You don’t have to be hard on yourself, just tell yourself you are learning how to live in a different and more amazing way. Being present and loving your body and mind.

There will be mornings when you wake up, sit on the bed take 3 deep breaths enjoy a long beautiful shower, just put music and feel yourself with energy and on your way to work you just decide to be conscious of how you are breathing.

Just being able to do things differently and want to shift the way you are living is an amazing way to start. At least you are not disconnecting from yourself every day and complaining on why you feel bad and with no energy.

What do you think? Do you want to give it a try?

If you have any doubt, fear, need to share, just reach out to me on Facebook I will be pleased to help you.

Just as a little gift I want to give out this amazing relaxation from my friend Maddy Gray. (5 minute easy and soo life changing)

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