What will you get working with me:

Unconditional support

We will co-create your plan to live a fulfilled life

You will gain enlightenment, balance and peace in your everyday.

Open the door to undiscovered parts of yourself

Show you that you have a choice to live differently

you can take the lead of your life

Learn mindfulness techniques and meditation to calm whatever is driving you crazy

Clarity on why you are resisting

Learn to love your ups and downs

See obstacles as opportunities


How We Work Together: 

Check the transformation opportunities below or book a free breakthrough session to do this together!


+ One week of unlimited coaching

+One 90 minute intensive session to unstuck you and create an aligned plan for 2 main goals

+Unlimited Voxer/messenger access: voice note support after your intensive session

+If you decide to continue into the 3 month coaching program (within the week), your investment will be credited towards the full program investment. 

197 Euros




In this 6 week program you will:

♥️Find the energy to say NO to others and yes to yourself
♥️ Find a strong inner connection with yourself to improve your relationships
♥️You will design and attract your life and will choose how to live it, guilty-free
♥️Have weekly specific goals with scheduled actions to take that will keep you clear on what to do.
♥️You will dig deep to identify what drains your energy and how to eliminate and shift your attention into what boost your energy.
♥️You will feel empowered and motivated to fulfil your goals
♥️You will recognize and overcome limiting beliefs and fears that will help you work the challenges arising.
♥️You will manage your time to be able to focus on your health and create a self-love Ritual that works for you.

It includes: 

Six 45-min coaching one on one sessions
Six key concepts specifically defined for you throughout the 90 days
Unlimited Monday to Friday email access and support
Trello Board for us to maximize reaching your goals, accountability and session follow up
Weekly thinking tasks to work at home.
Personalized Bringing peace box shipped to you

From 997 USD  One payment or extended payment plans starting at 147 USD! 

Why Peacefulness and Fulfilment? Because deep inside you know you want to live a life without any drama or chaos. You just feel there is something more out there for you and you want to feel more peaceful, tired of the stress, feeling sick all the time or without energy to wake up.

We will work together on understanding where you are now and where you want to be in your life. What is draining your energy and which habits or tools will help you boost your energy.

Our sessions will help clarify your values, create goals that align with those values, and with my unconditional support meet those goals.

I will help you get in touch with your intuition, listen to your heart and experience unique tactics to get to know more about yourself, so you can find the answers that already exist within you.

Together, we will figure out what’s holding you back and which beliefs we need to let go to create space for new beliefs. We will create rituals and healthy habits to move you towards what you desire. 


What I like to believe :

I believe that shifting your perception can help you find a different way of living your life.

You can have fun and enjoy your everyday life instead of feeling anxiety, overwhelm and uncertainty guide you.

I believe that everybody deserves to experience living a fulfilled and peaceful life.

I believe that opportunities will come to you to experience life to the fullest, if you trust and have faith in you.

I believe that peace is deep inside you, you only need to unlock the key of that box and let it flow.

I believe in the power of a smile in your everyday journey

I believe that we meet the right people to teach us in the right moment, there is no failing, there is only growing.

I believe that we need to express everything out not to get sick inside.

I believe that you are already shifting something inside when you are looking for help.

I believe on the power of words and how we communicate with ourselves

I believe water calms and brings peace to my soul.

I believe we are mirrors so what we reflect outside comes from our inside.

I believe in ME.

I believe in YOU!

I believe your path is unique.. Its your life … Your choice