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Being hard on myself was something I mastered to perfection. If only you could hear my thoughts on how I spoke about myself, thanks god you don’t get a recording of all the lies that you tell yourself…epileptic… Sick for ever… bullied … Perfectionist.. Complainer… Workaholic… Short or not tall enough… Not confident enough… Not brave enough … I don’t want to have money.. You cant become a mom… Emotional … Lost… so on an so on..  

My thoughts were crazy enough and were not going anywhere they will literally wait for the moment I was disconnected and boom back again… WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? ARE YOU HAPPY!? IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT TO BE DOING?

My thoughts were crying out loud and I wasn’t listening, I just tried to shut them down… I was not reading in between them… Not understanding them. Now I can tell you I love my thoughts… They made me who I am, they fixed my inner voice, they brought me back to life.

I love my thoughts and I would love to help you fall in love with them! Read in between the lines, and ask why to everything, without  judgement.

Life will make you stronger, it will be hard sometimes if you are hard on you. It doesn’t have to be like that and if you are not getting there yet trust me you will.. Have faith if its meant to be for you-you will see it done…