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Hi, I’m Vivi!

Hi,  I’m Vivi, Certified Fulfilment and Peacefulness coach.
I have been honouring mynick name that in Spanish means living a couple of years ago.

I have been into reading self help books since I was around 13, had all the theory yet struggled to take it to practice, only until I decided I really in my heart I needed a shift.
Since then I am dedicated to fall in love with my life every day, and if I have a difficult day, I know I have the choice to make it different.

Passion for helping other has always been on my list, giving my ear, my shoulder to cry, my brain and even my tears, was not sure how I was going to do it.

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Some love from my clients

  • Meagan Johnson

    Meagan Johnson

    I literally went from confused and going in a million directions! Over the 6 weeks that we worked together that confusion went away and I got super clear and launched a challenge!

  • Priscila Bernardi

    Priscila Bernardi

    Vivi has been a wonderful gift in my life. She has been able to help and empower me in a way that no doctor or therapist has been able to.I met Vivi when I decided that enough was enough and that I was ready to heal, love life and be at peace with myself.

  • Deb Nicholas

    Deb Nicholas

    Beginning to work with Viviana last August was exactly what I needed as it helped me gain clarity around a number of issues that were going on in my life at the time.

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💜My window to the Lake💜. . ▶▶Lots of people dream about taking risks in life but are too afraid to take that step, perhaps because they are full of worry about what others will think about their decisions or because they may be too uncomfortable with the idea of moving outside their own comfort zones. . Whatever it is that is holding you back from taking a risk, it's time to 😌move forward. . 👉🏼👉🏼With some simple planning and analysis, you can decide whether something is really worth the risk. . Today I am bringing you an extremely incredible offer to help you create that clear vision that you need‼‼. . If you are reading this it might be the right time to take that risk. Say yes below and I will connect with you. . . . . Follow Us:.👍🏻 . ▶Instagram: @dileo.vivi . . ▶Facebook: My window to the lake . . . #personalgrowth #spiritjunkie #selfawareness #crushyourgoals #goalswithsoul #gottastartsomewhere #manifestingdreams #selflove #lawofattraction #crushyourgoals #loveyourself #kindness #treatyourself #coachlife #goalswithsoul #dealingwithchange #priotizeyourself #dealingwithanxiety #loveyourlife
💜My window to the Lake💜. . ▶I remember those tears coming down my face, feeling completely confused what happened? Did I say something wrong? Did I miss something? . It was January and I was having my first discovery call of the year, I had no🙃 clients and feeling lost about what to do to call my business a business. . I remember that suddenly there was a black out and we were on holidays on the only place that the internet reception didn't work, so there I was standing in the middle of the street with my brother in law sharing internet to me, making my best to transform this lady's life. The moment of the truth came, so I really feel I can help you with your self love and reaching those goals, what do you think?❓❓. . 😊Yes, she said I would love to work with you!‼‼. . What?❓❓. . That easy? (didn't tell her this) This same time next week works for you? . Yes! Of course, send me all the information and I will send you the payment. . If I was starting the year that way I can even consider coming back to Uruguay more often... My brother in law was my lucky one!!! Well, then why the frustration❓ That payment never followed through, that client changed her mind and I was still in that mindset of not trusting and being open to receive😄. . If you are feeling this way, if you can't trust your clients when they say yes, believe me, you are not trusting in you and you are not feeling ready and allowing the universe to support you. . ▶▶What changed for me? My energy, the people I surround myself with, my constant growing and bettering myself, my openness to possibilities. My ability to surrender and trust. Genuinely believing in me, my coaching and the power of my transformation with every cell of my body. . I am sharing all on my programs with my clients because I want them to achieve their dream life and business like I did. . If you are willing to shift and have that clear passion but something is stopping you and you are not sure what, I got your back. . . . Follow Us:.👍🏻 . ▶Instagram: @dileo.vivi . . ▶Facebook: My window to the lake . . . #personalgrowth #spiritjunkie #selfawareness #crushyourgoals #goalswithsoul #gottastartsomewhere #manifestingdreams
💜My window to the Lake💜. . Do you ever feel you are not enough? . I used to feel like this too. . Growing up and being called names and laughed at since age 9, I couldn't feel I was doing good enough. . I was the shortest one in the whole school, I was chubby, I was trying so hard to fit in and have everyone love me and like me. . I was completely lost! I felt that I needed everyone to love me and like who I was instead I didn't like me or love me. I got fat and sad and felt I hated my life and this belief was with me since I was 9 so it was the only way to live for me. . If I was on a job I was super competitive I wanted to be the best and I pressured myself so much! I had missed out so many things because I wanted to be the first to work, the first to have an amazing salary, the first to buy her own car with 18, the first to get married, and so on. . It exhausts me 😔only to read it, I was making myself sick and that all came from that belief. Sometimes its not your family or society that push you to this belief, its your own self. . The first time I wrote about this my mind wanted to edit it, not to hurt anyone, but this is my journey and I hope to help and inspire you with it. . I was not treating myself with love and kindness, and so that was reflected back into how people were treating me. The good thing is that if I could turn that belief upside down anyone can! 🌟YOU CAN!🌟 🌟 . It takes time, energy and willingness, but once you master loving yourself you will say, why didn't I start before! . What if you can start now!? I spoke about this on my IGTv💫. . Many women have already gone through my 6 week intensive to self-love and transformed their life. Some of my clients results: From anxious and fearful to loved and supported From lost and overwhelmed to empowered to design her life From mad and resentful to peaceful From heartbroken to loved . Only 2 spots for my 6 week intensive 101 program at 1997 usd. . DM me if you are ready and lets hop on a call📞 to shift that! Or grab a call link on Bio 👇. . . Follow Us:.👍🏻 . ▶Instagram: @dileo.vivi . . ▶Facebook: My window to the lake . . . #personalgrowth #spiritjunkie #selfawareness #crushyourgoals #
💜My window to the Lake💜. . 👉Confidence is inside you! What do you think about this❓. . Have you ever had professional pictures taken by a photographer for your business? I didn't have until my business coach gifted this to us on her retreat in Houston. Flew all the way to Houston and I was feeling ackward😌 in front of the camera, I wanted my pictures to show who I was fun, peaceful and empowered. . ▶And when I saw that I was not enjoying it, I just shifted worked through the moment and went with who I am. . Working on myself with coaches and mentors have made every proccess faster, every progress incredible and so worthy because I believe🙃 in my business, I believe in the Academy and I know that this way I will uplevel me and my clients and of course will help more and more people!!! All of this it's already happening‼ . ▶▶Investing thousands on yourself can feel scary, but I can tell you, once you get aligned and connected with your cause it all flows back in!!! And it didn't happen like this when I invested on my MBA.... Made more than USD 8000 in sales and this journey is just beginning!!! If you are a new coach or healer tired and annoyed by feeling stuck, overwhelmed and unclear this is your chance! . Friday we are starting the group program and it will be freaking amazing because we are digging deep into your personal sabotages and belifs to move forward and fast track your results!!!! What would I have given to come across a program like this, combining subconscious mind, energy blocks and business. I have put together an incredible team to help You!‼‼. . Are you joining me? LAST SPOTS left and it's 77 usd a week !! Link on Bio!! Will you be taking it? . Lets chat and make this happen . . Follow Us:.👍🏻 . ▶Instagram: @dileo.vivi . . ▶Facebook: My window to the lake . . . #personalgrowth #spiritjunkie #selfawareness #crushyourgoals #goalswithsoul #gottastartsomewhere #manifestingdreams #selflove #lawofattraction #crushyourgoals #loveyourself #kindness #treatyourself #coachlife #goalswithsoul #dealingwithchange #priotizeyourself #dealingwithanxiety #loveyourlife
💜My window to the Lake💜. . 👉🏼👉🏼Love yourself More!‼‼. . 🙃Yes you can, and its your job and responsibility to do it. Because how can others love you if you don't love yourself!‼‼. . 🤩You can have opportunities knocking on your door and you will not see them if your mind is messing with you and making you blind.🙃. . ▶▶Life can be gifting you the solutions (LIKE MY FREE SELF LOVE MINI COURSE) and yet you don't want to see them. . 👉🏼👉🏼Change the way you are looking at things and let opportunities come to you.🤩. . 🙂You still have time to come into my group and start working on loving yourself more! . 🙃The best thing, I am there to support you and help you through your fears!‼‼. . 👉🏼👉🏼What are you waiting for?.🤔🤔. .. . . Follow Us:.👍🏻 . ▶Instagram: @dileo.vivi . . ▶Facebook: My window to the lake . . . #personalgrowth #spiritjunkie #selfawareness #crushyourgoals #goalswithsoul #gottastartsomewhere #manifestingdreams #selflove #lawofattraction #crushyourgoals #loveyourself #kindness #treatyourself #coachlife #goalswithsoul #dealingwithchange #priotizeyourself #dealingwithanxiety #loveyourlife
💜My window to the Lake💜. . 👉🏼👉🏼Do you feel like there is a black cloud following you everywhere? Do you struggle with staying positive and loving yourself?.🤔🤔 . 🙂I know how it feel like, and I have to be honest with you that cloud is not leaving you, not even if you run away from one city to another, change 🙃countries, friends, family, its not leaving YOU until you become aware of why it is there.🔽🔽 . ▶▶Once you become aware of what you are resisting and how that cloud is not following you, it is inside you. It can feel strong, hard, complicated, yet you have the choice to make it different!‼‼. . 👉🏼👉🏼One thing that helped me to become aware is journaling, that doesnt mean you are allowed to complain and ☺complain on the pages, because that will only keep you on the same cycle of negative energy, and you want to stop resisting to life and create a life you love.❤. . ▶▶So, journaling yes! lets call it conscious journaling, where you become aware of your feelings, you take everything out and reflect on it transforming what it is in your mind into a teaching.🔆🔆 . Ask yourself : . 👉🏼what can I learn from this situation, person, challenge? . 👉🏼What am I grateful for this situation, person, challenge? . 👉🏼How would I manage this in a more calm and ideal situation? . Reflection helps up grow, help us prioritize what is really important and show love to us in any way possible.‼‼ . 👉🏼👉🏼Are you ready to practice this? Do you feel you can give it a try?❓❓ . . Follow Us:.👍🏻 . ▶Instagram: @dileo.vivi . . ▶Facebook: My window to the lake . . . #personalgrowth #spiritjunkie #selfawareness #crushyourgoals #goalswithsoul #gottastartsomewhere #manifestingdreams #selflove #lawofattraction #crushyourgoals #loveyourself #kindness #treatyourself #coachlife #goalswithsoul #dealingwithchange #priotizeyourself #dealingwithanxiety #loveyourlife
💜My window to the Lake💜. . ▶▶Hasn't it happened to them that it is easier to remember a song, than some text or some conversation? The brain takes the speech and separates it into words and "melody",😶 the variable intonation in speech that reveals mood, gender, etc.🙃. . 👉🏼👉🏼According to Dr. James W. Pennbaker, he says; "The way people refer to themselves and others is very diagnostic of their mental state."🤗. . ▶▶Therefore the words we use in our speech reflect what we really want to achieve. Words can motivate you, help you to pursue your dreams, that if they are not spoken they remain only in your mind and do not become fulfilled goals.✅✅🤩. . 👉🏼👉🏼The first step in setting goals is to be aware of the words we are using. I encourage you to listen and tell yourself sometimes you are using words like Never or always. It's hard to remember something good after a but, what are you taking away, what are you taking away from the good? The same goes for the word maybe, instead of saying no.🙃😉. . 🙂Now I listen more to myself and others, self-awareness has become a beautiful art, I persist, and made a huge change in doing things. 😄 If you are concerned about your words and how they are affecting your consistency and do not allow you to follow your goals every time you join them, I have it covered.✅✅. . Are you ready to love yourself more and achieve those goals to feel more satisfied?. . . Follow Us:.👍🏻 . ▶Instagram: @dileo.vivi . . ▶Facebook: My window to the lake . . . #personalgrowth #spiritjunkie #selfawareness #crushyourgoals #goalswithsoul #gottastartsomewhere #manifestingdreams #selflove #lawofattraction #crushyourgoals #loveyourself #kindness #treatyourself #coachlife #goalswithsoul #dealingwithchange #priotizeyourself #dealingwithanxiety #loveyourlife
💜My window to the Lake💜. . 👉🏼👉🏼Do you ever question yourself or doubt where you are? 🧐Do you compare yourself to others all the time? 🕰Do you find yourself saying things like:👍🏼. . 🔆I should be further along now. 🔆I should be making X amount of money. 🔆I should have X amount of clients. 🔆and the list keeps going on and on! . ▶▶How many of you are pressuring yourself even when its not needed. . 👉🏼👉🏼There is a moment for everything, and the more you pressure yourself and focus on what you DON'T have or want the FURTHER AWAY your goal will be.😁 . I heard things like: . 👉🏼I need to be making money before the baby is here and I need it so bad. What if you could embrace that you are growing a life and✅ celebrate this first, the universe will bring you the clients to work when you can manage the baby and the client.😊 . ☺What if my clients say no and I dont reach my goal. What if they say YES and recommend you because you are awesome!🙃 . 😜I wish my baby was already 6 so he can brush his teeth, dress himself and let me rest. What if you could embrace him being 20 months old and enjoying his growth, next time you think about it he will be 6 and you will want him to be a baby again!🤗. . 👉🏼👉🏼When YOU go through life like this YOU dont appreciate the beauty,feel empty, resist to see what life is offering us. Opportunities get lost as you are walking pass by them.✅ . 🙂Today I am offering my support and awesomeness to 3 women that are ready and open to receive the help! Write Support or give me a GIF and I will connect with you! . Are you ready to pay attention to what life is offering you and embrace today?✅✅ . . . . Follow Us:.👍🏻 . ▶Instagram: @dileo.vivi . . ▶Facebook: My window to the lake . . . #personalgrowth #spiritjunkie #selfawareness #crushyourgoals #goalswithsoul #gottastartsomewhere #manifestingdreams #selflove #lawofattraction #crushyourgoals #loveyourself #kindness #treatyourself #coachlife #goalswithsoul #dealingwithchange #priotizeyourself #dealingwithanxiety #loveyourlifefriday
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