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Hi, I'm Vivi!

Hi,  I’m Vivi, Certified Fulfilment and Peacefulness coach.
I have been honouring mynick name that in Spanish means living a couple of years ago.

I have been into reading self help books since I was around 13, had all the theory yet struggled to take it to practice, only until I decided I really in my heart I needed a shift.
Since then I am dedicated to fall in love with my life every day, and if I have a difficult day, I know I have the choice to make it different.

Passion for helping other has always been on my list, giving my ear, my shoulder to cry, my brain and even my tears, was not sure how I was going to do it.

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Some love from my clients

  • Meagan Johnson

    Meagan Johnson

    I literally went from confused and going in a million directions! Over the 6 weeks that we worked together that confusion went away and I got super clear and launched a challenge!

  • Priscila Bernardi

    Priscila Bernardi

    Vivi has been a wonderful gift in my life. She has been able to help and empower me in a way that no doctor or therapist has been able to.I met Vivi when I decided that enough was enough and that I was ready to heal, love life and be at peace with myself.

  • Deb Nicholas

    Deb Nicholas

    Beginning to work with Viviana last August was exactly what I needed as it helped me gain clarity around a number of issues that were going on in my life at the time.

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*Do you have a hard time letting go?.* 🤔 . ➡➡A year ago I was so off to people, to feelings, 🤩to things, to conformity. A part of me wanted to let go but another part resisted, it was easier to be connected with the past than to take a step forward. A short time 🕰 ago I honored Letting Go,➡➡ and now it has become one of my monthly rituals and I do it on a full moon, because our emotions are more likely to arise. How can I do this? White paper and pen, candle, incense and tea.😉 . 👉🏼👉🏼If you have crystals in the house🏡, it is a good time to clean them because they absorb energy. Feel the energy of the moon: if possible, go outside to bathe with the energy ✅ of the full moon Connect with your breath: 😉 take some easy inhalations and long and pleasant exhalations, inhale in 3 exhale 4 allowing your consciousness to rest in the heart ... Ask yourself these questions: what feelings do you want to let go What feelings do you want to bring? .🙃 . ➡➡Finish with gratitude and what you would like to invite to your life. Keep it simple and special: the rituals help that little touch of magic that we could all use a little more. ‼‼ . 👉🏼👉🏼If you are ready to change your life and stop doing everything on your own, remember that I have opened spaces during the last 79 days of the year!🤩 But hurry up, the incredible offer won't last forever! ...‼‼. . . Follow Us:.👍🏻 . ▶Instagram: @dileo.vivi . . ▶Facebook: My window to the lake . . . #personalgrowth #spiritjunkie #selfawareness #crushyourgoals #goalswithsoul #gottastartsomewhere #manifestingdreams #selflove #lawofattraction #crushyourgoals #loveyourself #kindness #treatyourself #coachlife #goalswithsoul #dealingwithchange #priotizeyourself #dealingwithanxiety #loveyourlife
. *From letting go to forgiveness* 😊. . 👉🏼In this video I will be giving you a tip for letting go➡➡. . ▶▶DM me and let me know how it goes, check link in bio.‼‼ . . . . Follow Us:.👍🏻 . ▶Instagram: @dileo.vivi . . ▶Facebook: My window to the lake . . . #personalgrowth #spiritjunkie #selfawareness #crushyourgoals #goalswithsoul #gottastartsomewhere #manifestingdreams #selflove #lawofattraction #crushyourgoals #loveyourself #kindness #treatyourself #coachlife #goalswithsoul #dealingwithchange #priotizeyourself #dealingwithanxiety #loveyourlife
💜My window to the Lake💜. . *Stop saying its hard*😊 👉🏼👉🏼Everytime you do something for the first time 🕰 you dont know what it will be like. What I can surely tell you is that if you focus on feeling scared or uncertain that is what you will attract. Try something different you never know! 🙃 It can feel bitter sweet in the beginning, know it is all for good! 🌸. . ▶▶I encourage you to try working on you, to stop saying it's hard, it's difficult, I can't. 🌸 I have the mission to help thousands to become more peaceful and live a more meaningful life. It all starts with getting on a free 20 min call.📞. . 👉🏼👉🏼🌟If you never try you never know right.🤩. . ➡➡Are you giving it a try this time? Last 80 days to 2020 WOW have you booked your spot to get your goals achieved before the end of the year!?🙏 Link on Bio👇 . . . . Follow Us:.👍🏻 . ▶Instagram: @dileo.vivi . . ▶Facebook: My window to the lake . . . #personalgrowth #spiritjunkie #selfawareness #crushyourgoals #goalswithsoul #gottastartsomewhere #manifestingdreams #selflove #lawofattraction #crushyourgoals #loveyourself #kindness #treatyourself #coachlife #goalswithsoul #dealingwithchange #priotizeyourself #dealingwithanxiety #loveyourlife¹
💜My window to the Lake💜. . ◀◀Every time we start doing something new, our brains get alert, resist changes.😊. . 🙃Yesterday I talked to you about how to turn that resistance into determination, but this only works if you fully commit to yourself.😉 It is incredible the change that I have noticed in my clients, how exciting and happy they feel when they begin to transform all that resistance into determination. . 👉🏼👉🏼When I started my trip it was very difficult, I was very emotional, situations difficult to handle but I needed to leave the same place 🔆🔆where I was, and that was where I began to achieve goals that I already had and that I was tracing. It was not easy road but I did not let my resistance oppose.🤩. . 🙂I am soooo celebrating opening 3 spots for women that want to kick the resistance out of their way this October, its the last 90 days of the year ... how do you want to finish 2⃣0⃣1⃣9⃣. . ▶▶ DM 📲📲 me if you want more info or go and check the new link on Bio!. . . . . Follow Us:.👍🏻 . ▶Instagram: @dileo.vivi . . ▶Facebook: My window to the lake . . . #personalgrowth #spiritjunkie #selfawareness #crushyourgoals #goalswithsoul #gottastartsomewhere #manifestingdreams #selflove #lawofattraction #crushyourgoals #loveyourself #kindness
. *From Resistance to Trust* 🙃. . 👉🏼👉🏼We will be exploring in this 2⃣ minute tips to shift that resistance into trust in yourself😊. . ➡➡Remember I am celebrating this IGTv 👍🏼giving you a free call link on Bio!!! Would love to help you and get to know you better! ‼‼. . . . . . Follow Us:.👍🏻 . ▶Instagram: @dileo.vivi . . ▶Facebook: My window to the lake . . . #personalgrowth #spiritjunkie #selfawareness #crushyourgoals #goalswithsoul #gottastartsomewhere #manifestingdreams #selflove #lawofattraction #crushyourgoals #loveyourself #kindness #treatyourself #coachlife #goalswithsoul #dealingwithchange #priotizeyourself #dealingwithanxiety #loveyourlife
💜My window to the Lake💜. . *Do you struggle with overthinking?* 🤔. . 👉🏼👉🏼Overthinking can be exhausting, oh yes! 🙋🏻‍♀. . ▶▶It can make something that could take you 15 minutes take you, days, months or years... Do you relate?🤔. . 🙃How much have you been stopping yourself from doing that amazing thing that has been on your mind lately?😊. . ➡I used to struggle 🤩 with this so much in the past, but not anymore because I know for sure my past is what made me stronger, gave me experience and made my intuition stronger.😉 . 🤗If you are thinking and overthinking remember that life is Now, not tomorrow or the next day and there are if you reach our you will get the support you are looking for.◀◀. . ➡➡➡Know I am here to help you and support your journey!😊. . Say READY if you are want to stop overthinking✅✅. . . . . Follow Us:.👍🏻 . ▶Instagram: @dileo.vivi . . ▶Facebook: My window to the lake . . . #personalgrowth #spiritjunkie #selfawareness #crushyourgoals #goalswithsoul #gottastartsomewhere #manifestingdreams #selflove #lawofattraction
💜My window to the Lake💜. . *What is a Mantra?* 🤔. . ▶The first time someone told me about a Mantra I took it as a song, its nice and relaxing. Didn’t follow much of it.🙃 . 😊Once I was sick and had one of those moments where my stomach didn’t want more medicines in a desperate intent I googled music to heal, and a mantra appeared, hopefully my body was feeling better so what can be wrong about using it.◀ . ▶▶To be more clear and as I love definitions, let’s go, 😉 Mantra is a Sanskrit word derived from two roots: man (meaning “mind” or “to think”) and tra meaning to “protect”, to “free from”, or “instrument/tool”, and also someone said it as repetition. Therefore, mantras are tools of the mind, or tools to free the mind, or simple repetition of the mind.🤩 . It can be a word like OM, or Peace, Love. . 👉🏼👉🏼It is said Mantras are associated with spirituality and aim to liberate the mind from thought in order to facilitate inner peace.‼‼. . There are studies that show the power and benefits both mantras and positive affirmations can . -Help with problem-solving -Reduce stress and anxiety -Increase the likelihood of personal success -Increase positive emotions -Increase the level of oxygen. -Improve relationships -Increase confidence -Create inner clarity ▶▶▶Are you thinking about giving them a try?. . . . . Follow Us:.👍🏻 . ▶Instagram: @dileo.vivi . . ▶Facebook: My window to the lake . . . #personalgrowth #spiritjunkie #selfawareness #crushyourgoals #goalswithsoul #gottastartsomewhere #manifestingdreams #selflove #lawofattraction
. 👉🏼Do you struggle with consistency?🤔 . ▶▶We are creating our own definition of consistency! 🙃Stop the struggle and keep going!!!. . 👉🏼👉🏼 If you are interested we can work on this together just say consistency below and I will connect with you!!.😊 . . . . Follow Us:.👍🏻 . ▶Instagram: @dileo.vivi . . ▶Facebook: My window to the lake . . . #personalgrowth #spiritjunkie #selfawareness #crushyourgoals #goalswithsoul #gottastartsomewhere #manifestingdreams #selflove #lawofattraction