Changing perspective

Today I decided to make my morning walk at night, yes at 18.36 is night in Lezzeno now. It actually felt so good and refreshing to do something different.

Once I reached my meditation spot on the beach I fell in love again with the spot, it felt so calm and still. I took my headphones off and WooW the sounds of the rocks and the water was loud and clear in all that silence.

I love living my life enjoying every moment and being present, I choose to do it so if I lose my GPS I know it is up to me to go back to my healthy choices.

On the way back home after all that silence and energy… I asked myself are we actively listening? Are we really listening? What if we change perspective? When we are looking, are we ReAllY looking?

Why do I ask these questions? How many times have you been on the same place and not listen to what was surrounding you because you are with your headphones on? How many times have you gone to the same place and one day you bring someone new and all of the sudden you find something that has been there for ages? How many times you have gone crazy on Christmas or New years and said it is the last time… Stop hoping for 2017 to be different and take action on it.

If you are feeling a little lost coming to the end of the year it is ok! Every end of the year can feel chaotic but it doesn’t need to be like that it is upto you to change perspective.

Here are 5 things you can consider that will help you manage the chaos:

  • 1. Choose to change perspective see things differently and Do things differently.
  • 2. Remember it is all about being present, not about buying presents
  • 3. Stop and Breath
  • 4. Create space for your alone time
  • 5. Let go of everything you don’t want in your life and invite what you really want.
  • 6. Enjoy and Laugh!!
  • 7. Hit me a message… I am creating a group to support you on this
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