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Emotions – Do they have to be a rollercoaster?

When I set up the subjects our newsletter with Maddy, I didn’t hesitate for a second to write about emotions. I even remember saying it is an easy one I will just write about how my life used to be a roller coaster and how peaceful I am now!
Mmm didn’t come so easy!

I just started overanalyzing the subject and having very emotional days so, how can I really write to you about emotions when I was having this moment. So here I am being myself again and opening up about Emotions.

Being 7 month pregnant and thriving on my pregnancy, emotions tend to be all towards peace, joy, happiness and positive aspects.
What happens when you are 7 months pregnant and just  need your mom to be here with you and she is too afraid to fly she says to you “sorry I cannot do it”, not this time (hallo, there is going to be for this baby only this time!).  Emotions like disappointment, resentment arise which is our attachment to our parents and the fact that they taught us we need to need them, that is OK, we are human we just need to be aware of recognizing it and listening to what is triggering it.

Resisting to it only makes it stronger, so if it feels uncomfortable sit with them for a minute give them space to be there. Get the strength to just LET THEM GO!
Emotions are emotions and whether we like them or not they will be there, let’s try to be aware of them when they arise and also see am I feeding this emotion or letting it go.

It is our choice to feel negative, sad and feel bad which is completely normal if they break your heart, still you need to get everything back together and decide how long I am going to let this emotion get me or be bigger than me.

So when I go on and search for the meaning of Emotion: Woow! It makes so much sense…

Emotion is any conscious experience characterized by intense mental activity and a high degree of pleasure or displeasure.

Do you know that emotions have a place in our body and so when we let the negative emotions like resentment, worry, guilt , fear take over we can actually get really sick, tired, and stressed leading to a burn out. When we are positive and joyful we feel better and more energized.

So, if it is a conscious experience and it can make us sick, my question to you is, are you being conscious of your emotions today? What are you holding in your heart?

Something that really helped me was starting to meditate, connect with my breath and ask myself some questions. It doesn’t need to be complicated you can start by asking yourself the same questions during 5 days:

Ask yourself which was your first thought when you woke up? Did you carry it through the day?
When you meet people what are you talking about? Do you like what you are reflecting?
Do you focus on what is missing or worrying you? Can you redirect this to what you want to invite more of in your life?
Are you complaining? What are you complaining about? Can you let go of these?

If you feel lost and need some guidance remember you can book a free call with me to find out how I can help you!

Let me know on your comments how are you feeling and if there is anything you need help with!

Lots of love!


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