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Building your confidence

Building your confidence Hello!It’s Vivi! Have you ever felt like you were not enough? Where does that feeling come from? It comes from your self-esteem. Self-esteem is how much you like or value...

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Changing perspective

Changing perspective Today I decided to make my morning walk at night, yes at 18.36 is night in Lezzeno now. It actually felt so good and refreshing to do something different. Once I reached my meditation...

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Meagan Johnson

I literally went from confused and going in a million directions! Over the 6 weeks that we worked together that confusion went away and I got super clear and launched a challenge!

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Priscila Bernardi

Vivi has been a wonderful gift in my life. She has been able to help and empower me in a way that no doctor or therapist has been able to.I met Vivi when I decided that enough was enough and that I...

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Deb Nicholas

Beginning to work with Viviana last August was exactly what I needed as it helped me gain clarity around a number of issues that were going on in my life at the time.

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